The Outsider

Posted on September 23, 2023 by Toby Doffing

You could say she was the outcast of the outcasts, coming to draw water at the well. Jesus did not […]

No Longer Slaves, Free From Sin

Posted on December 29, 2022 by Trey Newman

Galatians 5:1-15 1 For freedom, Christ set us free. Stand firm, then, and don’t submit again to a yoke of slavery. 2 Take […]

Crooked Sin and Complete Righteousness

Posted on October 13, 2022 by Jacob Bennett

Matthew 5:31-37 31 “It was also said, Whoever divorces his wife must give her a written notice of divorce. 32 […]

The Greatest Story Ever Told | The Beginning (1 of 5)

Posted on September 23, 2022 by Matt Heerema

What even is the Bible? How does it actually form one great story? Matt Heerema starts from the beginning explaining […]

Do Not Be Deceived

Posted on November 18, 2021 by Trey Newman

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