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Campus fellowship is a ministry of Stonebrook community church. For 50 years we’ve been seeking to bring the life-transforming power of the gospel to college students, and to help them grow in a deep relationship with Christ and the people of his church.

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June 4, 2023 at 10:00 am

Resources for Iowa State

Vision Frame: Strategies

Posted on April 21, 2023 by Jacob Van Sickle

Vision Frame: Setting Goals

Posted on March 24, 2023 by Jacob Van Sickle

Vision Frame: Mission and Values

Posted on February 24, 2023 by Jacob Van Sickle

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Campus Fellowship (CF) is a multi-site college ministry that is united in our pursuit to glorify Christ and embrace His Word. For 20 years, CF has impacted thousands of students, staff, and faculty at college campuses and universities.