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"God has used Campus Fellowship in some amazing ways, specifically it has allowed both of our daughters to live out and strengthen their faith while attending Drake. It has provided them with everlasting and “real” friendships with other students and it allows them to really share how God has impacted their lives. Plus, we have had many great CF students come to MN and stay at our home!!!"

TJ and Deb Ruskell, parents


"Drake Campus Fellowship radically changed my life. The men and women there were answers to life-long prayers for friends my age who knew what it meant to follow God. There was nothing special about them, except they pointed me directly to the Bible for answers to questons I had and lived out the New Testament with simple obedience and humility. If it wasn't for their love and commitment to me, I wouldn't be experiencing the victorious and abundant life God called every Christian to. I highly recommend pursuing CF to every college student."

Kerry Poucher, chemistry lab instructor


"Before coming to Drake, I thought I knew what it meant to be a Christian. However, shortly after joining Campus Fellowship my first year at Drake, I realized that I didn't know anything about following Christ. By witnessing others in Campus Fellowship model true discipleship, my life has been radically changed. Now I understand the meaning and value of living a life for the gospel, and I am surrounded by a community of authentic Christ-followers who challenge and motivate me to love and know Jesus more each day."

Nathan Koch, student


"Like most private universities in America, Drake was founded by Christians with a vision to train men and women to better fulfill their God-given calling.  Much of the founder’s respect for the Bible and classical Judeo-Christian values is marginalized and even ridiculed on campus today.  Not so within the activities and friendships of Campus Fellowship! Four of my children have been active participants in CF.  Having known lots of students in the group over the years, including those who step up to leadership roles, I think something special is going on in CF.  God is using it to raise up people who love Him and who are making a difference in this world for good. "

Brad Meyer, professor


"Through God's love and truth displayed by faithful servants in Campus Fellowship, both Collin and I trusted in Jesus for the first time during our time at Drake. Collin then started to learn how to become a servant leader, pointing others towards a life given over to God. Jen began to discover what it is to have real, trusting friendships and how to find freedom from perfectionism and striving. On top of those things, we actually met for the first time by coaching a WCC sports ministry team- and we were married a little over four years later. Being a part of Campus Fellowship during the formative years of our faith gave us a solid foundation of biblical truth, practical fellowship, and discipleship."

Collin and Jen Cameron, alumni


"I appreciate fellowship with my Bible study. I love to have coffee with my sisters in Christ. We read the Bible together or just hang out. The conversation is always encouraging and I have learned a lot from them. It's good to spend time with one another and keep each other accountable and strengthen our faith."

Kening Lee, alum


"Being part of Campus Fellowship the last 4 years has been life changing for our son. As a freshman this group welcomed him and surrounded him with love, friendship and support. They have become his family away from home. Erik has grown in his faith and love of Christ though Bible studies, worship activities and volunteer experiences. Erik now lives his faith daily through his actions. He has matured into a godly young man who has touched many lives and is now taking on leadership roles and is a mentor to others. We feel so thankful and blessed that Campus Fellowship and the wonderful people involved have been a part of Erik's journey at Drake University."

John and Annette Nielsen, parents


"Living life in close community with handfuls of other people who are passionately in love with Jesus Christ has not only taught me what it means to receive grace and love without restriction, It has opened my eyes to see the glory of God and the beauty of the crucifixion. CF isn't a group of college students that come together once a week because of a common interest. It is made up of bunch of mutts who day in and day out live a life that is worthy of the gospel. And those mutts have become some of my best friends."

Niki Westenberger, alum